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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

spoke WAY too soon

No prince on my hands. I think I got a big PFO ("Please F* off") letter today from the accountant. Im not sure though... but that's how it sure feels.
And I thought he had potential. Oh well, his loss is another man's gain :)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Skating with Celebrities

Yes, I admit... I am a closet fan! Only because one of my favorite skaters of all time (Kurt Browning) was in one of the pairs. But tonight, he and his partner Debbie Gibson, were eliminated. :( So no more watching for me... right? lol (I think I'll still watch!)

I know, I'm SICK! LOL

AGM tonight

I have to attend our condo board meeting tonight. Good thing they only have these things once a year.
I hate meetings. I fall asleep in meetings. LOL

Anyways, nothing else new.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Frogs and Princes

... "How many frogs do I have to kiss before I find my Prince?"
This is a song by Natasha Bedingfield (Frogs and Princes) ... it's an anthem for all us single girls. It's a cute song, go download it! You can all relate to the song to some degree, I'm sure.

My Friday date with the accountant went really well! He's sure growing on me! Let's just say the sparks are starting to fly with this one. (Who knew you needed kindling to start a fire?) I'll keep you posted on this one! Could have a Prince on my hands here ;)

Today was shopping day for me! :) Went to the mall and spent way too much money on workout gear (as always!) Then went out for dinner to (of all places) Pizza Hut! LOL
This weekend is all about RnR! I think after my busy week last week, I can afford to eat a personal pizza and some breadsticks without feeling guilty, right? he he

Friday, January 27, 2006

Another date tonight

I've had a date every night this week!!!
(... mind you Tuesday was a date with the girls from my old buisness unit... but a date none the less.)

It's making me exhausted. I think I need to slow down and spend more time on my fitness goals for the year.
This year I want to really focus on my mind-body connection, and really make my fitness goals more spiritual as well. I've been inspired by the Breathe certification I took last weekend! (It was so wonderful.)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

date with a geologist

Last night I went out for dinner with a geologist that I met at the gym (he started taking my bike classes recently, and I had met him earlier off Lava)

It was a good date. We had lots to talk about... (cause we are in the same field) at times it felt like we were more like collegues than dates. LOL

I think we will get together again. He already emailed me this morning... asking me if I taught today.
No huge sparks, but hey, do all great relationships start out that way?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Yogaaaaa.... Ah!

I have been meaning to blog about my Breathe (yoga) certification on the weekend... but I've been really busy lately (...I haven't even had any free time to shop! Yeah... it's that bad!)

It was so awesome! And I can't wait to start teaching it!

Monday, January 23, 2006

I love myself today!

Guess who I saw today? BIF NAKED! At my GYM! :) No idea what she was doing there, but I walked right past her! LOL I wouldn't have seen her at all if my friend didn't say "Did you just see Bif naked standing at the juice counter?" I was like "NO! OMG, I love her!" and I walked back out to see her! (She looks just like she does in her videos. It was sooo cool!)

But of course, like a good Canadian, I did not bug her for her autograph or anything petty like that. LOL

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Date Update!

So plans have changed. I took all your advice and suggested against a movie. Instead, we are going to dinner and Yuk Yuks (live comedy). I'm excited! I know Laith is too!!

I'll recap the events of the date tomorrow!
(I can hardly believe I'm still going on this date. My lips are peeling off my face and I have a big zit on my chin. ...Sexy, I know!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

my time is valuable! Please don't waste it!

I have been feeling a little bit uneasy about making plans with someone due to the fact that they are hit or miss on their ability to keep said plans. (Usually pulling out at the last minute and leaving me high and dry)
Well, this happened again tonight... get this... we were going to go swimming and I get a call 15 minutes before we are to be at the pool saying "I don't have a bathing suit!"
Wouldn't you check your bathing suit situation out before making such plans? Or at least think about your bathing suit situation, and realize "Oh, wait! I threw it out after last season cause it was burnt out!" I feel like this person has a complete disregard for my time and how valuable it is to me. ~~~Comments?

So, Fitgirl stays home tonight. I decided to try my luck with the Almond Rocca. ONE MORE TRY! I'll let you know if it worked in the AM.
So far it looks like candy at least ;)

What movie should we go see?

I have a dilemna! I have another date with Laith on Thursday (I know! A second date... I'm shocked too!) and he asked if I wanted to go to a movie... but which one?

I have two choices out of all that's out there right now:
Memoirs of a Geisha
Brokeback Mountain

Your thoughts? Which one would you go on a date to? Laith has said he's cool with either one... so he's no help! lol

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today was my snowboarding day at Sunshine... was it ever awesome! Fresh powder fell yesterday, leaving a lot of fun left on the runs for today! I love my new board! (and even more in love with the bindings!!! ...thanks so much Ken!) Bryanne and I made a really full day out of it today. Didn't go in for lunch till 1:30! (after lunch it started snowing anyways, so visibility wasn't too great. It worked out perfectly!)
I'm still falling quite a bit... but at least I can control my falls now. Not like the falls I used to do (anyone that has tried to learn to snowboard can understand the "bad" falls... the one's that jar your entire body from your butt up! Or how about the "split cheek" fall; where you fall on only one ass cheek so it feels like you cheeks are being ripped apart... ya, fun times, I know!)
Sorry for that visual... but you all know what I am talking about. ;)

Anyways, I forgot my lip balm in my bag, at the car, so my lips were unprotected all day... and yes, they are BURNT again! :(
Wahhhh.... this SUCKS!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Home alone Friday :)

Yep, Starla went out on her date with Mike and now I'm home alone :( Wahhh. Oh well, lots to do tomorrow and Sunday!!!! So, it's all good! We are taking off at about noon to get to Banff early to enjoy some shopping and sight seeing around town. Will be a nice change of pace from the big city of Cowtown. :)

So, I met a guy at the gym today :S (I guess when it rains it pours!!!) I actually have talked to him on Lava before but I never wanted to go out with him for some reason. (Who knows!?) But he came to my spin class today! I knew RIGHT AWAY that he was a guy from Lava... so I kinda had to laugh, cause I don't think he recognized me! Anyways, he asked for my number and called me already (but my afternoon was super busy!) he left a voicemail with his number and told me to call him back. I still haven't. He seemed really nice in bike class... I wonder what it was about him that turned me off in the first place? Anyways, he obviously goes to my gym, so I'm sure he can just look on the schedule to see when I teach and "run into me" next week! lol Men are like that! I'm sure I've had other stalkers at the gym, watching me teach classes without my knowledge. Kinda creepy...

Anyways, Laith (my Wednesday date) is smitten by me! LOL He wrote me the cutest message. He said "I had sooooo much fun with you last night! (day after our date)"
( I think any guy that writes a sentence using the word "sooooo" has got it bad! ;) he he

He's a cutie. He's 32 but looks like he's 25 MAX. lol Just the way I like 'em! ;) We'll see, he said he was going to call me Monday!

Now, I'm off to make some supper! Tootles!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

How was the date, you ask?

One word, VERY GOOD!!!
(... ok, that's two words! LOL )

Murphy's Law:
Why is it that you meet 2 really nice guys at the same time, but most of the year all you meet are losers?

I have another date scheduled for tonight. This one is with Jeff, the accountant. I want this one to go well too.
(I might be getting myself into a mess here, but for some reason I like it!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I'm going out with Jeff (the accountant) on Thursday night. I'm excited!!! Not sure what we'll do... but he seemed like the kind of guy that likes to talk and listen so hopefully something where we can do that :)
And tomorrow, I am meeting a guy named Laith for dinner. (I suggested the Broken Plate... Mmmmm, I love Greek food!) Should be nice.
Then, this weekend Bryanne, Starla and I are spending Saturday night in Banff and Sunday day skiing/boarding at Sunshine! :)

All in all, this January sure is shaping up nicely!

Sorry, life got busy for a second there.

OK, OK.... I'm back.
I found a good quote today while surfing the net this am. I made some mods to it. Let me share my version:
"Your personality opens doors;
character keeps them open"

At first I read this and was like "Yeah, so?"... But the more I read it the more I agree!!! I think we all need to work on our character everyonce in a while. (Because we know we all have GREAT personalities already ;)

Back to my life... I went on 2 coffee dates yesterday. Yep, 2! One with an accountant, the other with an IT guy. Met the accountant at 10:45 downstairs at the Second Cup. He works at the bank literally across the street from where I work! Small world. We had good conversation and he asked for my number at the end of the date! Silly me came unprepared with no pen, or no buisness cards! :( But I told him just to call me back at work, and we'd exchange numbers then. He called at 3pm! (Wow! that's a first. Goodlooking men are never that eager!) So I gave him my home number, and he gave me his. (You don't give your home number to a chick you aren't interested in, am I right fellas?) Well, I got home from my other coffee date with Mr. IT... and he had called, and left a message asking if I would like to go for lunch sometime this week. (umm... ok, now I'm wondering, is he coming on too strong? Or should I take this as a compliment?) Anyways, about my date with Paul (Mr. IT)... I dunno... he came across as super chill, super down-to-earth, super intelligent/smart... and super just friend material. (I can't explain it, the "I want to make out with you" vibe just wasn't there for me. ... maybe it was the half-shoes he was wearing... maybe it was the fact that he made too many sexual innuendos.) You be the judge.
So, I'm calling Jeff (the accountant) back this morning. I'll keep you posted. ;)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Birthday Banners :)

Yup, today is my birthday. I've officially turned 29 years old today. (I remember when my sister turned 29 and I thought "Wow, she's almost 30!"... and now I'm saying "I'M almost 30!"
But is being 30 such a bad thing??? (I guess it is when you aren't it! LOL)

I came into work today, and there are streamers, and banners saying "Happy Birthday" all throughout my office :)
My friend (and administrator) Marianne put them up! Isn't she awesome? I had no idea she remembered :) I am flattered!

But as for party plans, I am heading to Leduc tomorrow morning because the Rodier Christmas gift exchange is being held there (at my parent's place) this year... so, I'll party with the family Saturday night. Should be good times!
(and Jen, I'll tell Dad to try and handle his liquor this year. LOL)
... Just teasing Dad ;)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I saw the REAL Irish for the first time today!!!

I mean, I didn't even think he was a real person... I thought I was always just talking to a computer that had a smart-ass, witty comment to anything I threw at it... but today, I found out that Mr. Irish Red has a face! lol (I seen it posted beside his blog! Yay!)

The mystery was fun Irish... but it's nice to know you are human like the rest of us!

I have a new office!

Yay! It's great! I am now much closer to the members of my team, and I think this will promote a better working relationship between us. (Here's hoping anyways!)

The negative is that this also moves me closer to my boss, who is notorious for being a pest! Ughhh.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Having issues with the links on my Blog - Help!

This is the html code that is in my blog for the links, and when you hoover over the links that did appear, look at how screwed they are. **note ^ = >... I couldn't post it without changing these.

^h2 class="sidebar-title"^Links^/h2^
^li^^a href="http://www.lavalife.com^Where singles meet...^/a^^/li^
^li^^a href="http://islandtime.blogsopot.com^It's IslandTime :)^/a^^/li^
^li^^a href="http://suzoates.blogspot.com^It's a Beautiful Life^/a^^/li^
^li^^a href="http://beadaddict.blogspot.com^A Bead Addict's Sanctuary^/a^^/li^

How do I fix this?
Please help! I’m not very savvy with the html.