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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The first pull up!

During my last heavy workout (Friday afternoon) I attempted an unassisted chin up (something I've been dreaming about accomplishing for years) but it's something that I haven't been focused on AT ALL lately. (Preoccupied with getting STRONGER!!!)
Anyways, sometimes we do chin downs (where you jump up holding the bar and slowly lower yourself) I don't even attempt a true chin UP anymore... until I saw Candace (my friend who is also training for the April competition) do 2 in a row like nothing! BOOM, BOOM! I thought "WOW, she can do 2 in a row? I must be able to do at least one!" So I rearranged my grip so it was like hers (I've never even thought to try it underhanded before) and slowly attempted to lift myself. To my amazement, I was floating ABOVE THE BAR! OMG... I did it! Unassisted!!!! I tried for a seccond one, but no dice, at that point my muscles were spent! I can't wait to try again tomorrow for 2 in a row!
Wish me luck!!!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Chinups are definitely hard! Doing one is awesome! When I first started doing them, I used those stretching tubing bands under my knees or my feet to assist me. Some grips are easier than others, too!! Good luck!

10:28 AM


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