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Monday, September 08, 2008

Wedding photo shoot & my photo shoot!

I went to a wedding this weekend, as my sister's caddy to help her with her gear, since she had been asked to shoot the photos for a friend's wedding. (She really wasn't looking forward to it but agreed as the bride asked her in desperation!)
The day was pretty rushed... we arrived to photograph the bride and her girls all getting their dressed on. Then it was off to the church for te ceremony! My sister was just snapping pictures off left and right! The ceremony was short and sweet. Finally we headed to the park that they choose to get their formals in. We lucked out and got great weather for this part! I thought we got quite a few really GREAT photos!

On our way home from the wedding, we stopped in a farmers field and Jenny took some photos of me on/amongst the hay bails. It was really fun! We both really enjoyed it!

When we got home Jenny ripped all the photos from the wedding onto a disk (for safety's sake) and then had a peak at them! OMG... the bride blinked in about 90% of the shots! 90%, seriously!!! I was quite dissapointed when saw the 900+ pictures from the wedding and most of them where disturbed in some way (out of focus, someone making a face, poor lighting, bride blinking!)
I think I have learned a valueable leasson on WHY people spend thousands of dollars to get their wedding professionally shot! (Not saying ANYHING bad about my sister's abilities... because she really is a great AMATEUR photographer!)

You get what you pay for... and unfortunatley in this case, if Jenny had MORE experience she wouldn't have accepted this job for the amount of money the Bride was willing to pay either!


Anonymous Sistah jen said...

Amen to that sistah... I knew I was seriously outmatched by a wedding job- but at that point it was a favor for my sister in law's sister.
I'm ecstatic how our Barely field photo shoot went though!!!!

1:11 PM


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