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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Muscle cramps meet "THE STICK"

I have mentioned how I get MAJOR muscle cramp in my calves when I workout without eating a banana, right? Well, it's true! My body is weird, and needs the quickly avaliable potassium released in the banana in order to maintain proper muscle function. (or at least that's what I THINK is going on...)

I mentioned this to Wendy (my PT) and she suggested I get "the Stick"... has anyone ever heard of this massage tool? It looks AMAZING! I think it's EXACTLY what my freaky little calf muscles need to help break up all that lactic acid and what not from exercising. I got so excited when I found it on EBAY (for $25.00) that I bought one!!! The 17" travel Stick. I will definitely have a review once I get it and try it out a few times. My sore muscles can barely wait!!! PS... the website says it works GREAT for Fibromyalgia sufferers too!!! www.thestick.net/awards.htm#fms

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Blogger MdG said...

Sarge usues a plain old wooden rolling pin that I think he got at the dollar store. He loves it, he will lie down on the floor, and I'll roll the heck out of him.

12:47 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

reply to: mdg

That is a funny visual!
The more I think about it, anything round and long (heck, even a wooden dowel!) would work!
I was just so excited when I saw this gadget that I had to get one... my sore muscles bought it for me! LOL

12:49 PM

Blogger MdG said...

Oh yeah, sore muscls will make you do just about anything. If he knew about htis thing, he would probably have bought one. What he really wanted was one of these:
But I said $20 for a pool noodle?!?! Fuggedaboudit!!

11:19 PM

Blogger Jaxon said...

While doing some research on this topic I came across a very interesting article "Calf Injuries and Magnesium Deficiency." I would suggest reading it, as it offers some very interesting information on the correlation of poor health and magnesium deficiency.

12:13 AM


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