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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stripping Manequins

That's what I did today at lunch... I went for a short shopping trip, and everything I wanted in my size was on the freaking manequin! What's up with that???
I got a black, jumper-style pencil skirt, 2 satin/silk tops (one in turquiose, one in samony pink) and a necklace with really cool beads that I'm planning on taking apart an revamping into a WAY COOL creation! I'll take before and after pictures, if I ever get to that project! LOL

For those of you that were wondering about Tuesday's weigh-in...
*~*~*~*~ 138.1 lbs! *~*~*~*~
WOOT! (1lb down from last week, 16.9 total lost!)

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