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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Body FAT analysis

Really, I wish they could call it a Body Mass analysis...
"Body Fat" just sounds bad!
I really am curious about my muscle mass to see where I stand amongst the general population. Am I considered "Average" or not? (Yes, my Enquiring mind wants to KNOW!") I need to schedule this for next week sometime.
(Last I checked on my hand-held device (which has a sketchy track record for reliable readings), I was 28.5% BF... I don't agree!)

Requirements before a Body Fat test for BEST results:
6 hours before test: No Alcohol, No Exercise
2 hours before test: No Eating, No Caffeine, No Smoking

Sounds easy enough to accomplish... Now just need to book the appointment!

PS... I weighed in at the gym today and I'm holding steady at 141.7 lbs... I only need to loose 0.9 pounds to fall in the healthy BMI range of 20-25! (I'll be 24.9 then!!!)
I can do it... I know I CAN!!!
And I still have 1.3 pounds to lose until I've hit my FIRST goal weight of 140 lbs! YAYAYA!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

You're so close!!! Keep it up!

It's hard to get real results from those body fat tests. There are so many methods and they usually all yield different results.

7:50 PM

OpenID piscesgirl74 said...

I got one of those scales that measures body fat as well.

3:28 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

thanks for telling me my body fat... I didn't really want to know but I was glad that it wasn't as bad as I was thinking...
but it was still nasty :0/

12:43 AM


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