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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let the Unpacking begin!

I will be helping my sister unpack her boxes from their recent move today (from Nanaimo, BC to Strathmore, AB) I am seriously THRILLED that she lives sooo freaking CLOSE to me again! Godness, I've missed her company! (not to mention her 2 little kidlets and Ken too!) I am really excited to hang out with her today, even though I am going to be put to work! lol (Work is like breathing to me, it's actually harder for me to sit and do nothing!!!) So, Jen, get ready to bond over unpacked boxes :) cause I've really missed you!!!

Last night I spend the evening with an old friend who has, just last year moved to Houston, Texas. She's back in town for the weekend since she has been planning her wedding for August and it's gonna be here. We met at Montana's for dinner, and I ended up ordering something completely not on my diet, and it tasted YUK! :( Luckily I was eating BANG ON yesterday so I wasn't so starving that I had to eat it anyways! Despite that screw up, I think I ate pretty well overall, and I still came home for some veggies and dip!!! (I don't like to be hungry ever, you know stomach growling)

My poor quads are still aching from my squats on Friday! Wow!!! I need to do MORE weight training!!!!

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