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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Not weighing myself is HARD!

So, why do they tell you not to weigh in daily? I forget the logic to that!
I have been on SparkPeople for a while now, and they advocate a weekly weigh in. ...AWEEK??? WHA?!?.... You telling me, I gotta wait a whole 7 days to know if I am loosing??? HELLS NO!
That sounds silly to me, especially for me! I'm a numbers FREAK! And I love to chart out my success (and failure) in an Excel chart. (Yes, I'm a Spreadsheet geek! LOL) But for me it shows me how far I've come, and if in fact my efforts are paying off! (I first did this with a pencil and paper back in College when I first got back to working out. I managed to loose 10 pounds in 4 months (January to April 1997) just by adding regular exercise to my day and avoiding candy and chips! (Remember Jenny?... that was when we were hitting the NAIT gym! Oh those days!) For some reason I continued with the exercise, but my diet sure did go back to the way it was back then! Anyways, the nutrition plan I'm on seems to be kicking my body back into DRIVE and I am able to function on a lot fewer calories (without feeling hungry!) then I thought!!! :)

I actually woke up EARLY (6:30) this morning to eat my breakfast at home, rather then pack it with me and eat it at work an hour or more later. My stomach was growling by 10 though... but I had packed a snack of minute oats, soy milk and berries. What a great pre-workout snack! :) I feel ready to hit the gym now... especially now that I know my body's running on almost 30 g of protein :)

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Every time I weight train, I'm so hungry for the whole day and I crave junk food!! That's the only time I crave it!!

4:11 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Reply to Rosie

I'm what my parents call a "Junkfood Junkie"... it's SERIOUS how much candy I eat! (Well, *used to eat*)
Now, I have been really cutting down on that (only a handfull of jelly beans and a piece of chocolate after dinner)... but after talking to my nutritionist yeaterday, I think I'll actually cut that OUT too! (And start cheat days instead)

8:42 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Jess, your weight will fluctuate on a daily basis, so to get an accurate reading you should weigh at the same time of the day- once a week.

I've lost 5 lbs after a trip to the bathroom (i know, too much info) I only know this from weighing daily after having babies cause you lose that much that fast! *all fluids though

4:04 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

Jess, you were a serious junk food junkie... your sweet tooth could out sweet mine anyday of the week!

4:05 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

reply to: Jenny

Jen, my nutritionist didn't want me to get discouraged by seeing the daily fluctuations, but she really doesn't know who she's dealing with! LOL
I've got the will of an OX, when I want something I *WILL* get it! HAHA!
I just love to track my progress, positive or negative... I know it's all part of the process!

8:36 PM


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