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Friday, March 28, 2008

No more condo stress

Today I took the first step to getting some help with my condo situation. I met with a Property Management company representative to evaluate my condo and get the initial paperwork to set up our agreement. It feels *really good* not to have to stress about it anymore... seriously, I think it'll be worth every penny!
And I might even have a tenant lined up for them to screen... A previous neighbor of mine contacted me regarding his friend who's looking for a place . (He's a 60 year old gentleman, building a house in Calgary but it won't be ready for 10-12 months.) We'll see if that pans out though.
My track record with trying to rent this place out hasn't been the greatest... but I think it's cause I was putting the rent up too high!
I guess I've gotta give a little...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

did the management company suggest a rent for you to charge?

5:07 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Yes, they said it falls in the $1495 ball park. (I guess I was a little high with my initial assessment!)

8:53 AM


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