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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Major pain!

Since Monday night I can barely get out of a chair, or do a flight of stairs! It all started after the Squat track of my STRONG class at WSRC. I don't know what I did wrong (or right) but my thighs are in absolute PAIN since that class! I feel like I haven't worked out in years!!! (that or just raced in 24 hours of Adrenalin again!) It's been a long time since I've been this stiff from a workout... I wonder why? Was it because of the holiday? I don't know if I believe that, cause we did 2 long hikes while we were in Maui, it's not like I sat on the beach drinking Lava Flows* all day. And why is it just my thighs? The rest of my muscles feel great!
Why is my body turning on me???
And how can I get it to STOP?

* A Lava Flow, for those that have never had one, is a mixed cocktail: basically half strawberry daquiri, 1/2 pina colada... YUM!
A must to drink when in Maui, seriously!
random hilarity: http://gofugyourself.typepad.com/go_fug_yourself/2008/03/fugtify-my-love.html

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jassi, Just relax and go get a message. or whatever they call it.
Then eat more citrus and bananas - that should work !!!
DadiO xoxo

10:26 PM

Blogger MdG said...

Aaaaahhh, the "Lava Flow" I served many of those in my "waitress in Waikiki" time of life. That is exactly the drink I would recommend to people. Stay away from the toxic "Blue Hawaii" at all costs!

4:49 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

reply to: MDG

Agreed! We tried the Blue Hawaii at the airport and it was rancid! Yuck! (But then again, even the Lava Flow at the airport was less than desireable!)

And Mojitos on the Island suck too. They were the most potent shizz I've drank in a long time! I'm sticking to my Lava Flow next time we visit.

(PS... how lucky are you to have lived in Waikiki!?!?!)

8:50 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Reply to Dadio

I don't know, it's already Thursday and I'm still just as sore as I was Monday! Well, ok, not quite, but close ;) I have been working out every day this week to try to loosen up my legs, and nothing is working... not even cycling! I hope this stiffness is gone by Saturday when I have to teach Yoga!

8:51 AM

Anonymous island sissy said...

fill the tub with hot water and a lot of epsom salts and soak... it should help with the lactic acid in the muscles.

9:23 AM


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