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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Hat, and the Predicament

Click here to see The Hat. I'll tell you the Predicament...
I found this wicked, funky hat on Etsy and which I had to get a second opinion on (should get it or not). I was in the middle of a conversation with the seller to BUY it, when another person snapped it up! I was saddned!
BUT, the seller offered to make me a custom order hat, but at a slightly higher cost! Chaching! I took her up on the offer, so now I get my hat! :)

What do you think of the hat?
Cool? Out there? Fun? Old-Lady?

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Blogger Joann said...

Definitely fun! I'm a hat fan myself, so I know the feeling. I need to wear mine more often!

11:04 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: Joann

Thanks for your comment Joann!
I think I will love this hat, it just seems SO versatile! I might wear it every day! Haha

1:29 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

testing, testing... 1,2,3!

1:37 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

I'm not a hat person since I can't wear them, but I looove looking at hats! I love that hat you're getting! I like the brim down!

6:57 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

You'll all be happy to know, I purchased my hat today, and it will be shipped out on Monday of next week :)

1:46 PM


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