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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From now on, I only bend over backwards for my yoga instructor!

How frustrating!
I made an appointment with a woman yesterday to view my condo (which I rent out) I told her I worked all day. Unfortunately she stated that she said she couldn't make it for an evening viewing... so I made an exception and took most of the afternoon off, for our 3:00pm showing.

She called at 1:50pm to cancel! Nice notice! She knew I was at work... and I just so happened to have had a lot of stuff to do at work before I could leave (since I was not going to be back for the afternoon) I didn't get her 1:50 cell phone message until I was already on the bus to meet her at the condo! ARGGGG!
What a piss off!

That's the last time I rearrange my schedule for someone I don't even know.
Live and learn, I guess.

This is what I dreaded about being a landlord.

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