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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Back, in full GLOW!

I am back from my week in paradise (Maui) and it was absolutely fantastic! *Please check out my FLICKR page, as I am uploading more pics of Maui every night.* I had over 5GB of data(photos and videos) from my short 8 day vacation... can't even imagine what it would be like after a 2 week trip! ;)

Here's a little itinerary and commentary of what we spent out time doing for those 8 days:
Day 0 - Left Calgary and flew to Maui on Air Canada.. arrived in Maui at ~8pm loca time, got our rental car (convvertible Jeep with GPS navigation) and headed to our Hotel. Had a bit of an "Amazing Race" moment, when we couldn't find our room key (due to our late check in)... but in the end, my inquiring mind prevailed and we finally got into our room, plopped down our bags, and fell fast alsleep!
Day 1 - West Maui Drive/sight seeing - We decided to start our vacation off rather tame, with a drive around West Maui. Such cool sights, and a very interesting road also.
Day 2 - South Maui Hike - We drove south through Makena to the Makena State Park and to the Ahini-Kinau Natural Area Reserve. It was a scortching hot day, and we actually wanted to get to the Kings Highway, but only managed to complete half of the hike, due to the heat!
Day3 - Hana Highway - By far the BEST part of the trip for me!!! I loved this road, so narrow and curvy! I loved the scenery, so green and tropical! I loved the vendors on the side of the road (banana bread and fresh pinapple, YUM!) And when you actually get to Hana... you're in for a treat! Awesome day!
Day 4 - Haleakala Crater - We decided to hike into the crater... wow, what an impressive geological feature! This hike nearly killed us... the hitch-hiking at the end back to our Jeep was priceless!
Day 5 - Beach day and shopping - True relaxation and vacationing... we burnt ourselves pretty bad, was it worth it? Heck yes!
Day 6 - Lahaina and Iao Valley - This was another highlight of Maui for me... too bad Collin wasn't in the mood for any more walking around sight seeing, so I had to explore the valley on my lonesome. Very lush greenery, obviously one of the wetter areas of Maui. A must see!
Day 7 - Fly home to Calgary (Approximately 10 hours flight time). We sat in the airport lounge waiting for our 9:00pm flight, and wow, the Kahului airport has the WORST food avalible on the Island, hands down!!! I couldn't even drink my concerns away, because their Tropical drinks were equally as horrible!!! I DO NOT recommend spending any time at the airport pre-flight (also souveniers/duty free goods were lame there too... way better shopping at the markets around the Island!)

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Welcome back!

11:10 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Thanks Rosie!! Glad to be home, actually!

1:43 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

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1:43 PM

Blogger MdG said...

Haha! I forgot to warn you about those outer island airports. So many airlines are flying directly to the outer islands these days rahter than stopping in Honolulu first. The airports themselves have not updated yet. Were you at least inside? The Kona airport is totally open, the plane lands and you walk through a little gate in a waist high wall, onto the tarmack and out to the plane. It's hilarious.

3:36 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

reply to MDG

Yes, the airport is sorta inside... but it's totally open to the elements (most of it had open "windows".) It was actually quite interesting to see! Kona sounds unreal! LOL

12:38 AM


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