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Friday, March 14, 2008

First time for everything!

I finally sold not one but 2 items from my Etsy store yesterday!!!
(The Turquoise Beaded Drop necklace and the Asymetrical Heart Shell Y-Necklace.)
These are the first items I've sold from my Etsy store since I joined Etsy in October of 2007. I am so excited about this!

I think these two sales have inspired me to get back into my beading! (I need to get cracking though or this urge will pass! It always does!)


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Blogger Joann said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm sure this is just the start. Your designs are so pretty!

3:37 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Reply to: joann

Thanks Joann! I hope you are right, this is so much fun! ( I know it's not about the $$$, but sales do make me feel a little more validated about my jewellery!)

3:55 PM

Anonymous sissy said...

Jess, if you offer a multitude of items in your Etsy shop you will notice that you Garner a LOT more attention. The sales will follow... I told you they would! Keep up the great work I love it and I know there are a lot of other fans out there too.

8:48 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...


12:30 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

I plan on buying some shorts from Lululemon in the States if they're cheaper in comparison to Canada!

12:30 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Oops, accidental commenting...that last one was meant for a different blog entry!!

12:31 AM


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