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Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Dieting Personality

I don't like to call it "dieting" it's more like "food budgeting", right? (Dieting has such a negative connotation these days!)
I had joined SparkPeople a while back, and decided to use their food journal to help track my daily intake during this initial stage of my nutrition plan.
They also had a quiz to determine what your dietting style is, and it hit the nail on the head for me... and gave me so many great tips on how to make sure I attain my goals. Have a look:

Convenience is everything - and it's a problem. You tend to be on the go a lot and have a no-nonsense but inconsistent approach to health and fitness. The rational side knows about good nutrition and how it helps you get more done. But eating right all the time is a real hassle, especially when you just want to know what tastes good! Moreover, you prefer to eat when hungry but your busy schedule makes it difficult. Relatively speaking, it is also likely you have less weight to lose compared to most.
Fast Fuelers as a general rule tend to get caught up in what they're doing and sometimes forget to eat. A skipped breakfast or lunch is a recipe for trouble, usually ending up in an evening or late night calorie load-up. Fast Fuelers do not necessarily eat a lot of fast food, but your hectic day can lead to unhealthy food because a trip home or the grocery store just isn't convenient.

What can you do? Retake control of your diet with meal planning, convenience, and more consistency. Spacing out smaller, more frequent meals will keep your energy reserves stable and avoid the highs and lows of "grab and go" meals and late night snacking. You need to structure good nutrition into your day (like other appointments) to avoid the compromising situations that cause you to skip meals or hit the drive thru. You are likely an excellent do-it-yourselfer in other areas of your life. Plan and pack ahead. Use that advantage of discipline and determination to stick to a real plan!

How SparkPeople can help: SparkPeople's structured meal plans match your caloric needs and take the guesswork out of healthy food choices. Our searchable 10,000-food database makes it easy to plan ahead and keep track of calorie levels, overall nutrition and your weight loss progress. Choose from our plans or mix and match your own. Our food planning, tracking and calendar tools help you control your eating habits without using up a lot of valuable time or brainpower.

Great tips for FAST FUELERS:
-Bring stability to your diet, using your rational side to plan ahead and stay consistent.
-Pack your lunch or have someone pack for you so it's there when you need it.
-Have and use plenty of disposable resealable containers of different sizes.
-Batch-cook food on Sunday for the rest of the week
-Make a point to have more fresh fruit and vegetables within arm's reach.
-Try cutting the intake of coffee and soda in half or substituting with green tea.

Doesn't sound like you? Are you more likely an Emotional Eater, a Portion Distortioner, or just Carb and Calorie Crazed! Find out at SPARK!

If you want to join me in my weight loss journey, I would recommend getting started by checking out Spark! It's got so much information and other tools to use to make your goals become a reality! You will be very surprised how much you can accomplish in the right environment and support!!!

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Anonymous island jen said...

I sound like I am all of these:
Emotional eater,
Portion Distortioner AND
Carb crazed LOL!!
hence i have a LOT of weight to lose :0)

11:43 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

reply to: Jen

HAHAHA... You always make me laugh, Sista!

Then you should Join SparkPeople too... :)

11:00 AM


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