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Friday, May 02, 2008

Stupid week, I hope it doesn't screw me up!

Thursday was my 2nd Free/Cheat day on my plan. This one was an emotional day for me... like I didn' know how I felt about eating the sugar again! (everything is sooo much sweeter now... I had to water down my tea! What the??) So emotional that I almost cried twice. First my bank card wouldn't work at the coffee shop in the AM (and that was my only form of payment. Boo) And second... I was so excited for hamburgers for dinner and Collin forgot mine on the grill and burnted them pretty bad :( (And I HATE eating burnt anything! I WILL NOT!!! I cut off the charred parts, so my burgers were like really thin slices of meatloaf! LOL) It just seemed like nothing went smooth for me... Like someone was telling me "Ah, Ah Ah... don't be a cheater!" Stupid, guilty conscience! I guess overall, it's a good thing!

Tonight, I planned on working out, but still haven't! (And it's 10:30pm!) I might do 15 minutes of skipping and some pushups and sit ups... I'm just not in the mood to sweat anymore! But I did go for a tan today! That felt awesome! (First tan since my trip! Even out those tan lines finally! haha!)

Tomorrow is Collin's mom's Birthday dinner... I am going to TRY NOT to cheat... but I don't know if I can turn down BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Maybe I will, but who knows! I'm not expecting to have a very positive diet day!!! I guess you only live once, right?

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OpenID piscesgirl74 said...

I really should start this diet that you are on.

12:34 PM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Then do it!!!
I'm sure your headaches would go away, and you'll feel soo much better overall!

Loosing weight is also another plus! ;)

Let me know if you want help getting started.

11:13 AM


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