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Monday, May 05, 2008

My home scale = crap!

I need a new (or to garbage!?) my current bathroom scale. It's soo inacurate and it's making me doubt my progress. Today I weighed in at 147.4 at HOME... then I weighed in at the gym and it read 144.7! WTF???

I've decided no more home weigh-ins! Gym only! The scale is UBER plush and has a really huge platform to stand on! (like the one on the biggest loser. Well, sorta!)

This will keep my weigh-ins to about 3 per week. Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I can live with that!!!

Doing well with my nutrition today. I made Chili (what I just had for lunch, delish!) and babaganoush last night. I have to try the babaaganoush today... it might not be very good because I don't have a big enough food processor! I did try though!

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