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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday DADDY!

My dad is 60 today! WOW!!! I can't believe he's that old already!!! (This is a self portrait he took of himself when he was working up North.) Yup, I got the camera bug from him! (that and a few other traits: saving money, cleanliness, talking alot to the point of being annoying... HAHAHA! Couldn't resist!)
Daddy, you really did teach me soo many great lessons in life that I can't even express how much I thank you!!! For being a great family supporter (even when you had to go up North, leaving your wife and kids back at home, you did what you had to to make sure we were housed, fed, clothed, nurtured, and loved!) for teaching me the value of money (I had a bank account as soon as I can remember, and my Dad would take us down to the Bank on the weekend and allow us to deposit our allowance into our account at a real bank teller!) for allowing us to play many different sports (My Dad allowed us to explore our athletic side. He always took us to the ponds to skate in the winter and then to the ball games we had in the summer! ... until I was able to ride my bike there myself :) and for your constant support and always believing in your children!
Dad, you are amazing! I love you... we all love you!!!
Have a wonderful BirthDay!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww happy birthday squirelly!!

6:26 PM


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