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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's finally really noticeable!

First my Mom commented on it... today my colleague from the gym commented on it. The fact that I'm loosing weight is really beginning to get noticed! (Honestly, I really appreciate when someone comments on anything of mine really... because since the beginning of time I've been the middle child, and if you are a middle child you know exactly what I am talking about! We are [or feel like] the forgotten ones... invisible almost!) I feel like I'm not so forgotten anymore! :)

My Tuesday weigh-ins are always BETTER then my Monday weigh-ins, so I'll wait till tomorrow to post any numbers... so far it looks like I'm on track though. :) I tried really hard to stay with my program while I was in Edmonton for Father's Day weekend. I think for the most part I did well... no obvious cheats, no substantial bread or pasta... I stayed within my caloric range all 3 days and I even packed some healthy foods with me, so they wouldn't go bad in my fridge while I was gone! I was planning on making a trip to the gorcery store once I arrived but, my mom's fridge was LOADED so there was no room to put anything even if I wanted to! AHHH!

That's about it... back to work!

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Blogger Jennifer said...

soooo? how was the Tuesday weigh in??

So proud of you sissy... the forgotten one (ya right... that's just a matter of perception)

12:45 AM

Blogger **FitGirl** said...

Reply to: Jennifer

Tuesday weigh-in: 138.1 lbs!!! Down another pound!
I'm still going strong on the plan, so it feels good to know it's still working for me!

10:57 AM


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