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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bison Burgers

My company held it's Annual Aboriginal Relations Celebration today outside of one of our corporate office buildings. There was Native singing, native dancing, and bison burgers to be had! I wasn't supposed to have a burger, but couldn't refuse! I mean, when else am I going to get to try Bison???

It was actually REALLY tasty! (I don't know what I expected!) But I enjoyed it, bun and all! :) (I'm not going to sweat the extra calories... I mean, it was a one time deal for me!)

I'll post pictures of the dancers once I get them off my camera!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Bison is leeean!

6:33 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

yes Bison is Lean and super tasty! Probably the best burger you could have chosen to eat.
I love me some bison burgers...mmmmm
and bison pepperoni is great too... high protien and flavour and low fat (relatively speaking)

7:24 PM

Anonymous Donna said...

We have been buying bison for about 5 years now. It has so much flavor compared to beef. And much healthier too! Maybe costs a bit more but I think my body is worth it. The steaks are fantastic! You can find a better price if you buy an animal from a farmer and share the cost with a friend or friends (or sisters too) lol

7:30 PM


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