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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

feeling FAT

I have been attending a few fitness certification courses this year which, in order to become certified in, require me to record a video of myself teaching a full class. (The purpose of this is so the Certification committee can observe me at their leisure to ensure that I know what the hell I'm doing out there!)
Anyways, I decided to get my BREATHE (yoga, tai-chi, pilates class) video done last weekend. Everything went fairly smoothly... a few boo-boo's, but nothing glaring! I had a collegue record it for me, she was awesome and took time out of her Sunday for me! She also editted the tape for me and brought it to my Club on Monday.
I finally viewed my tape... Ugh. I look FAT. (As thin as one can look in white pants, I suppose... I did not appear to be the poster child for fitness however.)
I wish I could show you all the tape. It made me laugh on more than one occasion. Seeing yourself on video is always hilarious... and sometimes scary! LOL

I'm planning on loosing 5 pounds because of this stupid video... it's either that or buy some new pants ;)


Anonymous S Q L Y said...

Yeah ....Diffrent pants..(black) and tell them everything's cool

6:25 PM

Blogger katz said...

yeah white can be an iffy color.. just buy some new pants. I'm sure you don't need to lose 5 lbs

8:54 PM

Blogger j said...

I doubt you need to drop the 5 pounds. Just go with a darker color and you'll be just fine. :)

8:53 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: jennjr

just masking the problem... usually I'd agree, but I actually do think I could afford to shed this winter layer I've collected!

So far so good!

11:17 AM

Blogger craig said...

I know a good way to burn calories ;) hehe

11:27 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Craig

My problem is not the burning calories but the intake of calories!!!

I eat too much! lol

2:13 PM


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