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Friday, February 24, 2006

The non-existant Find-Me Friday

This blog is hidden pretty damn good! It hasn't come up in any one's Google search (according to StatsCounter.com) since I got the stats counter tracking it! At first I thought I was missing something... then I just realized that I just had NO hits :( Blahhh.

Oh well, at least having NO traffic reading your Blog is better than having the WRONG people reading it! (Yes, that has happened to me one too many times! lol)


Blogger katz said...

it sure does come in handy tho for tracking them stalkers.. as in my case. you should still be seeing some hits on your site you do have some readers. they just might not be finding you by searching for ya in google :)

6:26 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

i don't get any interesting hits either, it's all about the doodblebops... I never thought a childrens show would garner so much attention.

8:55 PM

Anonymous S Q L Y said...

Don't worry Jessi,
maybe a few more pic's would be all it tkes to garner some attention, I have that problem too, but who want's to read a Grampa's blog except some hot grandma ... LOL
How are the new strait teeth doing and the latest on the body+ certification.
Dadio xox

12:29 PM

Anonymous RosieTulips said...

I think it's harder to be found at blogger than tblog. It was always creepiest when seeing people google or use yahoo for my username!!

5:24 PM

Blogger j said...

The more you post, the more they'll start to show up. It took me a few weeks to start getting any hits over here...

7:39 AM


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