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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Swimming and what not

Last night me and B. went swimming. (It was frigen cold getting there! We've had a cold snap! Even walking to the bus this morning was not too much fun! ) B. and I went and pumped some weights before we swam, and it sure made a difference to the feeling of my legs after the swimming portion of the workout! DAMN!!! (Luckily the hot tub was open this time so we soothed our overworked muscles for a few minutes after! Ahhh, it was relaxing :)

PS... B. was very happy for me when I told her about TJ. :) Yay!


Blogger j said...

I had to pop back over. I saw your comment about the searches.

Go to www.statcounter.com. Sign up - it's free, fred, FREE!! Then just copy and past the code they give you into your blog template somewhere.

Then you can check all your keyword analysis stats for a Find-Me. (I love the Find-me. I wish everyone would play!)

8:51 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: jenjr.

OK, I've signed up... I'm waiting for my stats..... waiting. waiting.

No one loves me :(

10:21 AM


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