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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I CAN cook!!! :)

The Chicken Tetrazzini was awesome! I did a little altering to the Kraft recipe... and it turned out perfect! (Collin wasn't as huge a fan of it as I was, I think he's crazy! lol)
I used rotini instead of spaghetti (easier to serve), I modified the sauce from one can of chicken broth to one can of mushroom soup (more flavor) and 1/2 packet of chicken boullion plus 1 can of water. As for the veggies, I swapped out the mushrooms for brocolli. (at Collin's request!)
What's even better, is that it makes more then enough for 2, so I have seperated some servings for lunches! :) (Not a good idea to eat pasta for every meal, but once in a while doesn't hurt!) I bet it will taste EVEN BETTER as leftovers!!! I'll let you know after lunch.

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Anonymous Rosie said...

You are making me soooo hungry with that photo!

12:22 PM


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