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Monday, September 03, 2007

Feeling very stoopid!

How frustrating is this?
I went out to buy a new bedspread today, because the one we currently have is too small for our bed (it is a double bedspread and our new bed is a queen) so I found this great deal on a queen bed-in-a-bag at Sears today. BUT... I forgot that our new bed is not only a queen size, but it also has an extra thick matress. (...which means standard queen sheets and bed spreads won't fully cover the matress!)

So I guess now I could use this set on the spare bed (which is a double) and go out and buy a NEW duvet that will fit and cover my matress! Do they even sell such a thing? or am I screwed?

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Anonymous Misty said...

Joe and I have the same problem. We bought a extra thick mattress but no queen sheets fit. So I talked to my mom about it and she said just use King sheets. So I bought everything in a king but we sleep on a queen. It works and it covers everything the only thing is that you might have to buy new pillows.

11:43 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

There are some places that sell bedding for thick mattresses, but even those sets aren't deep enough for mine! I have 2 sets from Sleep Country and that is the only place that has ever had sheets deep enough for my mattress.

As for a duvet, you could always just get a king.

12:45 PM

Anonymous island sissy said...

I buy extra deep pocket sheets for my mattress and sometimes I still can't get them to stay on. As for the duvet or comforter, get those in a king size but don't get king sheets, I tried that and it sucked. too much fabric and it's always loose and sloppy looking.

1:08 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: ALL

Thanks to All for the insight... upon further inspection the queen bed spread will work, I just hope that the bed skirt isn't too long for the short box-spring... GRRRR.... Damn Sleep Country and their extra thick matresses! I'll never buy one like this again. I honestly see no benefit to having a thicker matress. (now that I have one!)

Won't a King duvet hang over the bed ALOT!?! I don't want the bed to be swimming in the duvet.

I have found some GREAT deep pocket sheets (And very high thread count, very luxurious) at WalMart, that fit our bed perfectly! I just need a new color now! *poo!
(I forgot that this bed-in-a-bag idea caters to the masses... and the masses have regular thickness matresses! LOL)

2:16 PM

Anonymous suzanne said...

Most new matresses now adays are extra thick or "pillowtops" so you shouldn have a prob finding something that works. As for the skirt, pin it up (under the mattress) so it fits. That's what I do :)

11:23 AM


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