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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Packing, Boo!

Since I take posession of my new house next Friday, I figured I should really get started packing up some of the things that I don't use very often. This is the part of moving I hate. (And I'm sure you can all relate!)

I will go to Walmart early tomorrow morning to see if the have any boxes that I can take. I do have a few boxes left from my last move, but they won't amount to much... I need a lot more now! (My belongings has certainly have expanded again in the past 2 years!) It will be so great to move into a house again!

There is still so many things that I need to do... I really need to start a list to make sure they all get done! Ack... the stress begins!

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Anonymous rosie said...

Exciting times!! Unpacking is worse than packing, I think. Have fun!

1:59 PM


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