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Friday, July 27, 2007

Home Inspection time!

I bought a house on Tuesday! And now it's time to get the conditions met before the deal can be finalized....
I'm getting a home inspection done on the new place today, so Collin and I are taking a couple hours out of our work day to go do that.

I am feeling way better about the whole house thing because Collin has finally started to "get it"! Meaning, he's actually realized (on his own!) that now that we own a house, his truck might have to go. (Ya think??? lol) I mean, his portion of the house mortgage payments alone are as much as his current monthly truck payment! (At the time, Collin's friend, who's a lawyer, tried to talk him into buying a house with the loan he took out, but you know boys and their toys... Collin decided to buy a truck instead!) He would have been WAY further ahead if he'd had bought a house instead of the truck... cause he could sell it now and be LOADED! Haha... But hindsight is 20/20! I've taught him some good lessons already about money and spending, and I think it's starting to actually sink in! :)

I know he doesn't see me as his sugar momma, but that's how I was starting to feel. Why should Collin get to spend all his money on his vehicle, while (since my vehicle is already paid off) I have to put all my money twards the mortgage of a place we BOTH want to live in and raise a family in? Just seems kinda juvinile and if we are going to be in this together... then I think he should bite the bullet and sell the truck and get involved in the finances! Seems like that is what Collin's been thinking about too, so I'm very happy that we are on the same page!

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Anonymous Suzanne said...

I'm so happy for your guys. But just to clarify - there will always be problems with money and the boys - I think it's the way they were brought up. Kevin has 3 pairs of $400 shoes! WTF? I don't even have enough shoes to add up to $400 cause I pay the bills!! LOL
I love the house - it's perfect!!! PS i think you got a great deal :)

6:14 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: Suzanne

I don't think it's the way they were brought up, I think it's hard wired into them that "the more (and bigger) toys the better!" I guess women have similar problems with clothes and make-up! lol

Thanks again for making me feel better about the price! I was really starting to think that I might have paid too much!

1:57 PM

Anonymous island sissy said...

Jess you definitely made another wise investment... Can't wait until we are able to do that kind of investing too :0)
Collin is bound to get it sooner of later... glad it was sooner!
Can't wait to visit the new place!!!

11:02 PM


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