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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Physically Exhausted!

This past weekend was great! Collin, Joleen, Debbie and I went for a hike on Sunday (a hike which Collin and I did last year; Prairie View Mountain). We got to the trail at 10am it was pretty nice out... a few clouds in the sky, but nothing that would stop us from going. (We actually started hiking at 10:30am... once we all got organized... Deb was at a different parking lot at first and there was no cel service in that spot!)

It was actually easier hiking it this time, and we made it to the 'Prairie View' by 12:30ish.Perfect timing to see a storm brewing! There were a few storm clouds floating around, hovering near Calgary. It was really neat to watch!

Luckily the storm didn't hit the area where we were hiking, and kept itself isolated to the city of Calgary. (We also stopped in Bragg Creek afterwards for IceCream! Mmmm!)
Such a great day!

I was pretty tired after the hike. Then I had to come home and practice my Cardio Kick choreography that night. (I was launching the new choreography Monday at noon and I hadn't really even started studying it! Yikes!!) I managed to pull off the launch class all by myself, with only a few minor mistakes (I'm actually pretty proud of myself! Cramming always was the best way to study for me!)
So on Monday I taught Cardio Kick and Strong (my regular Monday night class at WSRC) and then today at noon I taught Revs... and now I'M DONE! No more exercise till Thursday! (and then on Friday Collin and I are planning a trip to Jasper for the Canada Day long weekend! More hiking!!! Yay!)


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