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Monday, June 11, 2007

Blogging is losing to Facebook!

Stupid Faceboook is getting way too much of my attention these days. I need to stop using it so much... I mean, really, things don't change that much on that thing anyways. I wonder why I feel the need to check it every hour!?!

Collin and I went mountain biking in the NW of Calgary this Sunday... I forgot how many Creek crossings there were on this one trail... and due to the massive amounts of rain we've been getting and the run off from the mountains the creek was flowing with FULL FORCE! We made about 15 creek crossings and hit many mud puddles! Collin enjoyed this trail, but there were quite a few people out on the trail walking (with their dogs and kids) which made the ride a little intermitent (stop, start, stop, start!) And with the amount of stopping and starting we were already doing to avoid the creek, it was a very slow ride. I think next, I'll bring Collin to Nose Hill Park or maybe COP. Something with NO WATER HAZARDS please! lol

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Anonymous island sister said...

I hear ya on that facebook thing... I'm going ot make an effort to blog regularly again. Face books is annoying me with all the time suckage.


6:28 PM


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