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Monday, June 04, 2007

Blogging is taking a back seat...

... to FACEBOOK! Why is Facebook so interesting to me??? (I'm sure I'm not the only addict to Facebook out there!)
I have actually been posting notes on my Facebook profile, which I kind of consider mini blog entries. (Hence my lack of entries on my actual Blog.) Sawwy... I'll try to pick up my socks and blog here from now on!

... and now for the actual entry.... :)

Collin and I have been making some effort to get out on our bikes lately. We went out twice last week, both were 15km rides. Collin was a bit sketched out on our first ride, but he was much more comfortable on his bike on our second ride. We did two different trails: Bowness Park and Fish Creek Park. I don't think I'll bring Collin back to Fish Creek again any time soon because they havent fixed any of the bridges that were washed out in the floods of 2005 yet! (Man, they have had 2 years, what's the hold up???) It was very frustrating riding there because the river travels right through most of the trails. (There used to be 11 bridges, now there is 3! Gong show!) Oh well, this is the beauty of living in Calgary, we don't live too far from great mountain biking just on the outskirts of the city. I love that! Maybe I'll take Collin to Bragg Creek this weekend... I'll have to see if he's up to that yet. (I keep forgetting, he's still a newbie!!!)

My body is starting to feel the burn... especially my quads.
Ahhhh... workout burn is back! haha

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Anonymous Suzanne said...

I love the burn! I haven't felt it in YEARS! better get to it I guess.

4:58 PM


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