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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Cracked out!

I went to the Chiropractor this am, despite feeling a bit better when I woke up. (I still have a feeling this neck pain won't go away until I get the root of the problem addressed!) I already feel a tonne better, and I know after a few more visits I'll feel 100% again.
I find it so amazing that your body can still function when it's so out of alignment!

10 more days till I fly out to see my sister and her family! I can't wait! Hopefully it's not raining spring showers for my whole visit... but at this point, I really don't even care if it did! RnR never sounded so good to me, then right now!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

The weather's been awesome here for the last while! Hopefully it will be like this for your visit!

Have you considered acupuncture for your neck pain?? Or more stretching? Massage??

12:37 PM


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