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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Friggen Technology

Last night Collin spend an hour talking to the support line at Link-sys (our wireless internet manufacturer) to figure out why the heck we cannot get the thing to hook up properly on my new computer. (Durnign the time he was on he phone, he missed about 90%% of 'Smallville', which was a kick-ass episode by the way!)
Hopefully we figure it all out tonight. Collin thinks we are missing some software or something... I honestly have no clue.. I just want to use my new computer to surf the net! and sooner then later!!!

(PS... thanks for lending me the thumb drive piscesgirl74, I have finally managed to transfer all 15+ GB of data from my old puter to my new one :)

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Blogger katz said...

maybe you should let me at that puter and get that wireless set up for you.

3:12 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to katz

Do you think you could do it??? I think Collin has tried and he thinks that now we need a 50ft cable to run from the downstairs to the new computer... it's a GONG SHOW! lol

9:02 AM


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