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Thursday, April 19, 2007

MAZDA 3 locking system a P.O.S.!!!

Seriously, if you are considering buying a Mazda 3, consider this.... Mine has been broken into not once, but TWICE in less then a month! (Yes, again TODAY!) No forced entry, no broken glass, no damage... but a few dents on my drivers side door and a rooted through glove compartment! Theives either have a master key to get into these cars or they know the right way to hit the door in order to trick the computer to think it's been unlocked legitamately with a key or fob.
(which I hear is a BIG problem right now)

This is so UNCOOL that I've decided that I have to get rid of this car. As much as I loved it... it's got a big TARGET on it to thieves (namely the "Mazda 3" name on the bumper). If Mazda doesn't rectify this problem by installing a PROPER lock system in my car, it's as good as SOLD!

My next car definitely WON'T be a Mazda!!!!!



Anonymous Rosie said...

That is so sucky!! Ever since he got the car alarm installed on his Mazda 3, the thingee keeps telling him people have been trying to break into his car. Whether the alarm is accurate or not remains to be seen. But yeah, you definitely need some after market protection for those cars!

10:37 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Rosie, who is "he" that you are referring to?

These cars were not made properly if they are that easy to get into... I agree, aftermarket protection is in order!

6:07 PM

Anonymous island time said...

I think a new car is in order- I hope you don't get gouged too hard on the trade in.

9:12 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

I am not going to waste my time buying any more for this car then I need too to pretty it up and SELL it!

Bubye blue Mazda!

1:43 PM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

I'd tell you to get a honda but they are targets for easy to Steal! (I have a honda and it's never been broken into or stolen but I hear its easy.) And, you have to think about it this way. If they want to get in - they will! Hope you have better luck :)My advice - By a Hummer - I love those things :)

2:24 PM


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