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Monday, April 09, 2007

Family Gift Exchange

My Easter weekend was great overall... got to visit with my Grandpa and Grandma from my Mom's side, got to see my brother Joe and he got to meet Collin, and it was great seeing and visiting with all my extended family (Aunts, Uncles and Cousins) which just doesn't seem to happen often enough. We got a bunch of family pictures taken also which will be probably sent out to us in a week or so (my Aunty Carla's sister took them). I didn't take any pictures while I was there... I was too busy visiting. (Jenny, I know Dad got some pics. Ask him to upload them to Flickr for you to see too! You will barely recognize Aunty Marg!!!)

All in all it was a great time, except for Collin... He is soo shy until he starts drinking. He definitely had a LOT too much to drink and he started to act like a complete DICK! He made me pretty upset and we left the party at midnight because he started to get mad that everyome was drinking his diet Coke. (Yeah, pathetic reason to get mad at people you barely know!) So since he was being such a loser I decided to remove him from the scene. I was mad at him because, and I told Collin, "I barely ever get to see these people, and they are my FAMILY! If you have a problem with them, then you have a problem with me!!!" (I'm not sure I'm totally over it yet either.) I just don't understand why he would say some of the things he said, drunk or not!
The next morning he apologized and told me the next time we visit with my family he won't drink. (I think that will be best for everyone involved!)
I hope this is not a red flag that I'm dismissing as a one-time occurence.

What do you think? Is this something that I should make a bigger deal of or was he drinking because he felt uncomfortable around all the strangers?

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Blogger katz said...

it was probably a bit of both. I say give him another chance. But if it happens again I would let him know that it is not acceptable.. now if it was my family I would have been laughing at him. Cuz my family members from cowtown are assholes.We blatantly told them we didn't want any drinking because my cousin warren is trying not to drink and my cousin brandy sulked the whole time because we wouldn't allow her to drink. She did go out and buy some booze like the alcoholic she is.. Even my sister respected thier wishes.Auntie Donna seriously just needs to stop talking once and a while.

10:17 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

I hope it was just a one-time thing! I'd be pretty upset too! You did the right thing by removing him, but it really sucks that it cut down on your family time!!

10:34 AM

Anonymous badabing said...

As you probably already know, some events with alcohol are fun and wonderful but there are definitely those times when it is totally a screwup and again it is alcohol related.

Sometimes we do things when drinking that we would normally never do. I think you handled the situation properly and I totally think Colin is probably embarrassed about it too!

Remember, we're not perfect....(really)!!!! Give him another chance. I think he has a few good qualities, doesn't he, J??

12:54 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Badabing

Yes, Collin has many good qualities, and it's very RARE that he dissapoints me. But when he does, he does it GOOD! (Seriously though... I would never think of acting like such a baby in front of his family, even if they did drink all my Coke! He just needs to grow up sometimes!)

I really hope Collin is a tad bit embarrassed, because I really hoped he would make a good impression on my family. Luckily he waited to act up after my Grandparents had already gone home.

2:16 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to Katz:

He knows I was very unhappy by his behaviour... I don't think, if he knows what is best for him, he'll do that again!

That's too bad that your family couldn't just not drink for one weekend, it was a FUNERAL for God's sake! Can't they just have a LITTLE respect for the family grieving!

I hope you managed to finally get to talk to your Dad in private. Eventhough he couldn't physically hear you, I'm sure he was listening from above! :)

2:29 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: Rosie

That's what I thougth too... but he was acting like a 2 year old at that point, he needed to be put in a TIME-OUT! LOL Unfortunately that meant I had to take him there (well, I could have let him freeze outside, but what kind of girlfriend does that???)

2:31 PM


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