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Friday, March 30, 2007

Just say NO to shoulder stand!

I went to brunch with 3 girls from work, and afterwards, I hit the gym for some yoga. It was really intense today, I had to back out of many poses because she was getting us to hold them for too long and my legs were giving out! We finished the day with 'shoulder stand' pose and it just made me feel fat! I feel like I've gained a lot of 'flesh' on my backside that I've never really noticed before, until I had to push myself up into shoulder stand. :( I think I need more cardio and less yoga right now.
My routine needs something to spice it up... any suggestions?

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Anonymous rosie said...

Do you do weights?? Cardio and strength training is where it's at! I love weight training but I've been putting it off for more cardio since I've been trying to change my numbers on the scale.

3:19 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: Rosie

I do it ALL! Unfortunately, lately I've been letting my fitness classes dictate what I do fitness wise... I think I am getting very imbalanced workouts.

I have also started eating a lot more since I met Collin, I blame him for my extra pounds. LOL

I know it will ALL come off once the weather picks up and we can go hiking and biking again... it's this "hibernation mode" that my body's gotten into that's kinda pissing me off!

7:09 PM


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