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Friday, March 09, 2007


I wore my hair in Mindies today. ("Na-Neu, Na-Neu") ...I feel like a kid again! :) This used to be my FAVORITE hair style when I was younger! I think I'm gonna 'bring Mindies back'! LOL

...And I stepped on the scale at the gym today, and lost 3 pounds. Gotta LOVE water retension! Grrrrrr....

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Anonymous Suzanne said...

na nu na nu to you too!! I'll help you bring them back :)
Have you seen the new show "the last 10 pounds"??? Watched it last night and Man is it good!! I NEED to be enrolled with a bootcamp...........

9:15 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

I haven't see that show, Suz... I don't have cable :(

I certainly would benefit from a bootcamp... is it an eating bootcamp???

7:04 PM

Anonymous rosie said...

I used to love wearing my hair like, too! I don't want to go back there. BWAHHAA

12:52 PM


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