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Monday, February 19, 2007

Family Day Fun!

Collin and I had planned another trip to Kananaskis to XC ski for a long time now, we finally both had the time today (which is Family Day, a provincial holiday, here in Alberta)

It started off a great day, sun was shining and the temperature was warm... but as we got out of the car in the parking lot, the wind felt chilly, so we both decided to wear our big winter jackets and since out sunglasses were just a nuicance last time we went out we didn't take them at all this time...
It was sooo bright out I could barely see where I was going... I'm sure my retnas were being singed to the back of my skull! And the heavy jacket was another BAD idea... with the temperature being -1oC out, I should have KNOWN better! I sweat in -20oC temperatures when I'm active!!! But once I took off my coat, and we got into the trees, things got going better! Collin managed to fall a couple times on the downhill sections! I fell ZERO times :-) ( I think Collin just wanted to knock me over at one point! LOL) It was actually a great day to be outside, despite a few minor oversights on my part.
I will definitely learn from this for our next XC skiing trip: 1) always bring sunglasses (even if I take them off half way through) and 2) in very warm temperatures, wear a light fleece jacket!

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Anonymous rosie said...

I wish we had Family Day here!! When we went snowshoeing on Sunday, I totally wish I brought my sunglasses! And I was roasting, too! But since I didn't want to hold my jacket, I just kept it on.

11:22 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Yes, Family day is a good holiday! :)

Sounds like we spent out day out in the same state! Eyes burning, and hot as blazes! LOL But I can't stand being that hot, so I stripped my big winter jacket off and tied it around my waste! I must have looked so cool!

4:38 PM


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