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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What's for dinner tonight?

Thai Chicken and Rice, that's what!
I made a trip to Safeway looking for some dinner inspiration and decided I wanted to make something Thai flavored! I managed to find a couple of packages that required minimal preparation and ingredients!
<---This is the final result!

It was really flavorful! The chicken sause was a bit spicy, and I had to use extra water to keep it from becoming too thick. I wouldn't recommend these two together (the chicken sause and the Ginger coconut rice) because they both had a very intense flavor that didn't mingle well. My suggestion would be to make the General Tso's saucy chicken with a plain Basmati or Jasmine rice. Keep it simple.
However the rice was really tasty, so it could be used as a side dish for a more bland chicken dish. Check my Flickr pictures for the packages of ingredients I used.)

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Anonymous rosie said...

Looks yummy!

12:16 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

I bought some new type of Rice cracker called "rice works" the sweet chili flavour was awesome. But we all hated the Thai curry flavour.
Your food looked lovely though!

12:49 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

I saw some rice crackers at Safeway too, I was going to buy them, but decided for the fortune cookies instead.

2:01 PM


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