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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Inflammed tendon! Ouch!

Yup, as I suspected, the tendon's in my foot are inflammed. My doctor gave me a prescription for a anti-inflamatory gel to apply to the area... I wonder if that will work!?! I think I'll also do as my sister says and take some Advil for the inflamation. Advil works like a charm, I just never think to take it unless I'm toppled over in crippling pain (like some menstral cramps! Ughh)

I've got my armoire coming tomorrow! I'm so excited! Tonight, Collin and I will be doing some furniture rearranging to make room for our new pieces! (I'm considering getting rid of my jewellery/lingerie armoire! I know... how sad) But this peice of furniture isn't as useful as it once was (if it was ever that useful!) Right now I use it maily to house my underwear and bras... (which have since outgrown their space in the armoire and have started seeking shelter in a Rubbermaid tote underneith my bed!)

Like I said before "Change is good!" and this new furniture is just the start of that life change that I have really been looking forward to :)


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