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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it was 5... now it's 8!

I really wish I knew what was wrong with me. I feel like my body is on a downward spiral and I don't know how to control or stop it!
Since I met Collin (August 2006) I've gained probably 10 pounds (actually, I went back in my records, and it's actually only 8 pounds I've gained since I met Collin.. BUT STILL!)... I was content with the first 5 because I could still fit into all my clothes... but lately I'm just not happy with things! (and lately I've had to buy my pants a size larger so I know something is up!)

What the hell? I'm the FitGirl! I exercise at least 5 times a week and do 2 yoga sessions in there as well. I eat relatively healthy... but my weakness is candy :( Is it possible that candy has caused me to gain all this weight??? I always thought I could handle a bit of extra sugar due to the amount of activity I engage in during an average day. Maybe I COULD when I was younger, but it looks like once my body hit 30 it decided to stop metabolizing like it used to! (Actually, I noticed when I was 25 my body did the same thing, it went through a big slow down and I had to rediscover how to eat properly for it.)
Does this mean that every year I'm going to naturally gain an extra 5 pounds??? So when I'm 40, I'll have an extra 50 pounds packed on???? ugh... NO THANKS!

I need to stop with the sugary snacks, get back on my fruit and veggie kick. That helped me before I got my braces and now that the braces are off, I have no excuses!!!

The diet starts now!


Anonymous rosie said...

Ah, the good ol' metabolism. Has Collin gained weight too?

Mr. Nick says he's gone down 2 pant sizes since he met and started eating better. I wish it was the same for me!

6:14 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to Rosie:

As a single girl, it was really hard for me to cook too much for myself for dinner, unless I wanted leftovers. Now I make more then enough to feed me and Collin (because he's a BIG eater) and even though it's not "bad" food, I think it's the quantity that is killing me.

Collin tells me not to worry about it... he said "Now if it was 25 pounds in the same amount of time, I'd begin to worry!" LOL What a guy!

9:06 AM

Blogger katz said...

well i do know you love the sweets, but i think you are right the metabolism does slow down at 30.

3:36 PM


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