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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Short Week!

I get tomorrow off. I love short weeks!

Trying to ween myself off of sugar is harder then I thought. Replacing a can of pop with a bottle of water isn't quite the same! But I know it's best for me... so I'm going to keep on track!

I found this cool website (probably not that cool to you guys, but I'm a geological technologist geek, so it's cool to me! LOL) I was able to download all the digital elevation topography images of my new working area and I created a 3D view of that map! :)
Have a look: This is a map of Southern Saskatchewan, hence it's pretty flat!
(click on map to see full sized view)

I love the detail!
red = high, blue = low)


Anonymous rosie said...

That is cool!
Have a great weekend!

4:15 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

Okay I just read your last post, Holy shit that Federline commercial is HILARIOUS!!!! I hadn't seen it before (not a TV watcher...) so it was completely new, I am crying it's THAT funny.
I completely understand your issues with cutting out the sugar. It's sooo hard for me to. But lately with my stomach issues there is a whole lot of things I've had to cut out of my diet, mostly for the better really.

7:35 PM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

Very cool!!

BTW where is your salad??

2:55 PM


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