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Thursday, February 08, 2007

They finally arrived!!!

...My new armoire and night stand! :) They look great! Now, I need to rearrange my wall hangings and I need to paint another piece of furniture (a corner shelve) to match both of them!
I also want to buy a new duvet for this bed (since I'm still using my old double comforter, for my new double bed! ...Yes, it's a tad small!) Collin suggested something blue... I'm more partial to green and browns. (What does a guy know about comforters anyways? ;)

Acually, blue bedding might look quite nice with the new modern furniture, don't you think?

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Anonymous Rosie said...

I like the armoire!
Blue would be nice with the dark
brown, but with dark brown, I'm partial to (lime-ish) green myself!

9:21 AM

Anonymous Suzanne said...


12:06 AM


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