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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Beading Wednesdays

--I've decided to make Wednesday nights Bead Night... weither it be teaching a class or making some personal jewellery. I think I need to schedule it in otherwise it will never happen.
So far, I've managed "Bead Wednesdays" since the beginning of the month (March 7th, 14th and now the 21st.) Hopefully it doesn't fall off the calendar for something else. I really do enjoy my bead nights!
Tonight I'm teaching my beaded heart pendant class... (see photo) :) So pretty!

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Blogger islandarts said...

If something is important to you, you do need to schedule it or it won't happen. Good for you for realizing it!

9:28 AM

Anonymous rosie said...

Scheduling is a great idea!!! That is a pretty pendant!!

1:08 PM


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