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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just a video I uploaded


Collin hooked up his laptop to his new 40" TV screen!

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Blogger katz said...

hahahaha love how he corrected that it's his samsung. that's pretty damn neeto. all wireless??

10:28 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

No, not wireless... you can't tell in that video but theres a BIG cord streaming across the floor to the TV... kind of a pain in the ass.

But it is very cool! Come over and check it out :)

10:14 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

*L* You two are so cute!!

12:13 PM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

Oh My - were you guys drunk? I need a tv like that - oh I need a laptop too :)

3:47 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

drunk??? Suz... are you serious? Why do we look drunk?

*Punch drunk love* LOL

4:03 PM


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