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Friday, April 27, 2007

Needing another massage, or something!

Anyone know anything about neck kinks??? I'm still in pain in my neck... even after a 45 minute massage on Wednesday. I feel a bit jipped! I don't know what my neck needs right now to feel better. Rest? I'm getting lots of that. Ice? I will try that today. Maybe Heat!?!? Do you think applying some heat to my neck muscles it will help them hear faster?

Here's hoping I have a better weekend then week that I've been having!

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Anonymous Rosie said...

Maybe some heat and gentle stretching will help?? Or another massage?? Hope the kink goes away soon!

2:44 PM

Anonymous jen said...

I beleive I already told you that you need a Chiro appointment. Do THAT first and MASsage AFTER.
Got it?

4:15 AM


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