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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just another Tuesday

So, I found out today that the Union and the City are going into another "talk" today and if they can't come to any agreement, then the looming strike will take effect in 72 hours... Ugh! I really hope NOT! I hate when my schedule get's screwed with!

But I also found out that due to my age, I am entitled to another week of vacation time! (Gotta love it when they revise the vacation practices and it actually benefits you!! :)
Speaking of vacation, less then 2 more weeks till I fly out to see my sister and her family! I can't wait! (Jenny, you'll have to set me up with a chiro. appointment while I'm there!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate it when people aren't compensated for the work that they do. I would gladly find another means of transportation to accomplish my goals in support of the union workers.

7:36 PM

Anonymous rosie said...

Your vacation time is based on your age?? I LOVE that! You are lucky! I think most of my co-workers get 2 weeks of vacation a year...lame.

9:42 AM

Anonymous island sistah said...

Well as a SAHM I get no paid vacations... but Ken is up to 6 weeks now! How does it happen that he still has a hard time taking them before the year is up??
I hope they can sort out the deal with the transit workers. Striking sucks- I know that first hand.

5:48 AM


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