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Friday, May 04, 2007


The Calgary Transit voted 84.3% in favor of job action last night. Meaning that possibly as soon as Monday, I will have no ride to work. I am not sure exactly how I'll get there yet... or how I'll get home in time to make it to my 7:15pm fitness class! (I think I'll be calling for some subs!)

Luckily the vast majority of my co-workers are off on a field trip or on vacation next week, so it'll be nice and quiet on my floor. And no one will even notice me wander in uber late. (I doubt I'll be the only one showing up late!)

I don't understand why the City won't just pay their employees what they are worth!?! I mean, Alberta is the land of milk and honey, I can't believe the City has allowed this to happen over a measly 1% salary increase per year! (The union wanted 15% over 3 years, and the City would only approve 12%)
*makes me sick!!!*

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Blogger katz said...

Why won't the government pay us lab assistants more?? it's cuz all the politicians want to keep the money in their pockets. I put my life at risk every day I deserve more money and the way the economy is in this place we need more money.

11:16 AM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Can you get a ride from someone?

Transit was on strike in Vancouver a few years. I can't remember how long since I don't take transit, but a lot of people hitchhiked! Or biked.

11:17 AM

Anonymous Suzanne said...

They probably already make huge dough considering they work for the city and they are union so I think both sides are greedy. However, if the city wants to prevent pollution and accidents then they should pay them more!

6:37 PM

Anonymous island sister said...

We all need more money.
But as for the strike, that is how unions work eventually they will have to meet in the middle somewhere, it's all part of the process I've learned. I just hope that you aren't without transit for too long. If a person depends on it, that would be TOUGH.

11:56 PM


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