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Monday, May 07, 2007

All talk, no action... YET!

Well, despite the fact that the transit decided 84.3% to strike, they have not announced when or what they are going to do yet. So as far as I know now... I'll have transit this week. (phew) But I'm still not holding my breath on this issue. I hope the City can throw up a deal that the Calgary Transit Union will agree with and we can forget about this whole mess!

Enough about that... yesterday Collin and I went rollerblading down at the Rivervalley. It was great! Beautiful weather to be out enjoying the outdoors! It feels so good to be active on Sunday's again. (Last fall, Collin and I would go for a hike every Sunday and I'm really missing that!) It sure feels like summer is here to stay!!!!! :)

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Anonymous island sister said...

Great bout the transit thing, fingers crossed they avoid job action- at least until you come on holiday!!

9:02 AM


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