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Friday, June 15, 2007

Golf Diva!

Don't we look Posh?
That's Jo and I posing after completing a day of golfing. We felt like pros! haha! (Especially Jo, she even ended up wearing a glove by the end of her round!)

I think out of the entire 18 holes I hit 1 half-decent shot! How sad is that!?!? My team managed a score of -8 which I thought was ok, considering our team had a huge handicap (ME! LOL!) (I think that was the booze's fault, hehe)

But really, I didn't care how I golfed... it was a day off work, and that's always a bonus! Yay!
Check out my Flickr for more pics of our Golf Cart races! ~Fun times!~

PS... a side note: I either had a lot of charm that day, or looked extra hot, or maybe it was just the booze talking, but my golfing partner (in the pic, the goof behind us in the cart) decided to ask me for my phone number at the end of the day... UH....Was he F*N'G serious???
"No, Dude! N.O."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't beleive they let you guys on the golf course dressed like that!!, Tank tops and Camo capris!!! Wow pretty slack course rules!!! but you do look good and it sounds like you had fun

11:28 AM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: anonymous

It was a work golf tournament, it's not like they opened the course up to the public! (because heaven forbid people should see my bare shoulders in that tank top... Oh, and the camo capris were also SOOO offensive.)

Seriously, golfers are so uptight!

3:32 PM


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