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Monday, July 23, 2007

...and now for something completely different!

This was the scene where Collin and I went mountain biking on Sunday. There were trees uprooted, and down all over the place! I have not seen such destruction in the forest on a bike trail in the 7 years I've been mountain biking!! (And that's even including 2005; the year that Calgary basically got flooded out!)

This is a picture of one section of the trail (called "Telehpone Trail") This was defintitely the worst section of damage, the trees were toppled over each other like a beaver dam! I had to carry my bike and try to balance along the logs to get to the other side of the trail! Sketchy!!!

Normally this ride would take me 1 hr and 30minutes to complete, tops! Yesterday, with all the log jumping it took us 3 hours!!! ...to complete the 15km loop! I was pretty dissapointed because it's normally such a fun trail! Yesterday I was cursing everything from my bike to the fallen trees, because it was just NO FUN getting off my bike every 2 minutes to jump another log[s]!!!

I will check trail conditions before going out on another ride this season! Something is just not right with the mountain biking Gods or something because my mountain bike rides just aren't making me very happy this season!

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